YS Jagan to Take Daughter Varsha Reddy to LondonIt has been quite a rough time for YSR Congress party leader Jagan after the back to back defeats at Nandyal and Kakinada. This should obviously have affected the cool of Jagan and the rumors of more MLA’s hopping into the ruling party has just added more to his stress.

Jagan is going to take all his stress out on a trip to London. The news is that YSJ is going to travel to London along with his family on 11 of this month to join his Daughter Varsha Reddy who got the seat in London School of Economics with a merit grade in Intermediate. Now it’s time for the girl to join the school and Jagan with family are accompanying her.

Well, after all the hard time that Jagan has gone through, this change of air is going to be a slight relief to the opposition leader.