Jagan-Should-Answer-to-the-YSRCP-Social-Media-Abuse-of-JudiciaryAndhra Pradesh High Court has taken suo-moto of the abuse of the Judiciary system in Social Media. After back to back adverse judgments against the Government, these people have cast aspirations against the judges calling them names. The court had issued notices to forty-nine of them.

The list also included a current MP and a former MLA of the YSR Congress. Going by the list, most of them are repeat offenders. Right from Jagan to the party leaders and cadre, YSR Congress is infamous for linking the judges to Chandrababu Naidu. Finally, the court decided to take them to the task.

One more interesting aspect is that many of these offenders are a part of YSR Congress Digital Wing and that means, YSR Congress will have to be answerable for court for their behavior. That means trouble to the YSR Congress Leadership, experts say.

“The routine comments on the Judges not only cause legal trouble, but YSR Congress will also remain in a bubble and will not rectify their mistakes. Every time, they just think they are right and it is Chandrababu Naidu who is erring those decisions through the courts. This is dangerous for YSR Congress,” a political analyst says.