Jagan's Lawyer Net Worth Is 76 Crore!It is known to our readers that AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy had decided to nominate S Niranjan Reddy of Telangana to Rajya Sabha. He is the lawyer in Jagan‘s disproportionate assets cases.

Niranjan Reddy filed his nomination the other day. He revealed details of his financial status in the affidavit.

S. Niranjan Reddy stated that the total value of his family’s fixed and movable assets was Rs.75.91 crore and his bank loans were Rs.10.99 crore.

Of this, Rs 32.48 crore was in his name, Rs 9.17 crore in the name of his wife Vaidehi Reddy, Rs 67.07 lakh in his name under the Hindu undivided family, and Rs 1.13 crore in the name of his daughter Akshara Reddy. There are 4,273 grams of gold jewelry in this.

He owns BMW, Innova, and Mercedes-Benz, and his wife has Mercedes-Benz. At the current market price, the inherited land is worth Rs 14.04 crore, Rs 15.81 crore in his name, Rs 3.01 crore in his wife’s name, and Rs 4.72 crore in his name under the Hindu Undivided Family.

Niranjan Associates LLP owns 70% of the Sagar Convention Business Center in his name and his wife Vaidehireddy owns 70%. His address is mentioned as Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.

He explained in the affidavit that there were no cases against him.