Jagan's Fish Business In Losses!YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Brainchild, Fish Andhra – Fit Andhra is often mocked by people. People ridicule Jagan who came to power with promising jobs and is now giving jobs only in fish and mutton shops.

But then, even that fish business is not running well.

Aqua hubs and fish marts set up by the government under the name ‘Fish Andhra-Fit Andhra’ are on the verge of closure.

While the target is to set up 14,000 retail outlets in the state, only about 300 have been set up so far. More than half of them are not functioning properly.

Fish from the Aqua Hub should be bought for Rs 130 per kg and sold at retail outlets for Rs 150-160. Transportation costs are borne by the outlet operator.

The unsold goods should be kept in cooling. Refrigerators should be set up to keep them fresh. But cold storage and refrigerators have been hit hard by power cuts.

Using generators has become very costly. With the increase in electricity charges, the power bills are running into thousands every month.

It is becoming a big burden and so, many have locked their outlets instead of running them in losses.

The organizers urge the government to offer some subsidies to keep the outlets running and only then, the Fish Andhra – Fit Andhra objective will be realized.