Ramoji_Rao_and_YS_JaganEenadu is troubling the Jagan Mohan Reddy‘s government big time. The most circulated daily has been publishing special articles about various false promises and failures of the Jagan government for the last couple of months.

The well-researched articles backed by facts are suffocating the ruling party. We have even seen the Chief Minister directly naming Ramoji Rao as his main opponent.

This morning, Eenadu published an article about how farmers are being cheated in Andhra Pradesh in paddy procurement.

The article precisely says how Rythu Bharosa Kendralu (RBKs) failed the farmers completely.

Minister Chelluboina Venu Gopalakrishna announced that the government will go legal against Eenadu for peddling false news.

It looks like the government is trying to threaten Ramoji Rao in the name of legal cases.

Usually, Eenadu is known for excellent research on news items. They will be even more careful when they are dealing with someone like Jagan Mohan Reddy who is known for his vendetta politics.

It is unlikely that the government can do anything to Eenadu, many people say.