Jagan_Trying_To_Hoodwink_CourtsReports are emerging that Jagan Mohan Reddy is coming up with a new trick to bypass the legal scrutiny over the three capitals.

Buzz is that the government is no longer declaring Vishakapatnam as the executive capital.

But Jagan Mohan Reddy is planning to have a camp office in Vishakapatnam and function from there for at least five days a week.

The idea is that Vishakapatnam will automatically become a capital once the Chief Minister is functioning there.

The government believes the courts can not dictate from where the Chief Minister can work.

This is a ploy to hoodwink the courts and bypass the legal scrutiny.

But then, the question is if it is so easy to con the courts and dump the farmers who have given their lands to the capital.

Sources say that TDP is growing strong in the Uttarandhra region and Jagan thinks this is the only way to stop it.

There has been no impact on the people there with the capital announcement, as suggested by the surveys.