Jagan Targets 1000 Crore From People in 13 DaysJagan Mohan Reddy Government is being too adamant on Sanitation Tax (Chettha Pannu) despite stiff resistance from the people across the state.

We have seen authorities trying all sorts of arm-twisting acts like dumping the waste in front of the houses and shops where the owners refuse to pay up.

We have seen YSR Congress leaders face so much criticism from the people as well on this issue.

These things have got so much bad press but the Government is not relenting. The Government has set a target to collect 1000 Crore in the next thirteen days from this Tax.

Along with the officials, Secretariat staff and volunteers are also pressed to this duty.

Under this tax, every house has to pay up between 80-120 Rupees per month. Even the houses in the slums have to pay Rs. 60. For shops and other commercial establishments, this is between 200-15,000 Rupees depending on the scale of the business.

Similarly, the officials are warning people of seizing the properties if the property tax is not paid by the end of this month.