Jagan: No Action, Only Statements!On the third of this month, Andhra Pradesh High Court has given a ruling in favor of Amaravati farmers.

The court ordered that all development works according to the Master plan should be completed in six months.

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It has also ordered that farmers who have given their lands for the capital should be given developed plots with all amenities in three months.

This has come as a shock for the state government which is pushing for three capitals. Naturally, we would expect a government to approach the Supreme Court in such a scenario.

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But Jagan Government has called for a discussion in the assembly and delivered long lectures about the limits of the judiciary.

“If the government is confident that it is not at wrong, it would have immediately approached the Supreme Court. It would not try optics like this to put up a show before the people,” Amaravati farmers are alleging.

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“The Government has intelligently chosen assembly as the venue to make such remarks so that contempt of court charges can be avoided,” Political observers say.