agan Missed Basics In A Hurry To Corner CBN?The Center has given a new twist to the Polavaram project. Jagan repeatedly mentioned that the diaphragm wall constructed during Chandrababu’s regime was damaged due to heavy flooding in the Godavari.

The Union Ministry of Water Resources expressed dissatisfaction over the designs submitted by the State Water Resources Department regarding its repair. The ministry doubted whether the original diaphragm wall was really damaged.

“Without removing the flood there, how could you say that the wall has been damaged? How did you make the study when the flood is still there?” the ministry questioned.

The project designs were reviewed in Delhi on Friday under the chairmanship of Vedire Sriram, Adviser, Department of Water Resources.

Joint Secretary, Department of Water Power, Central Water Board officials, members of the Dam Design Review Panel (DDRP), Water Resources Department ENC C. Narayanareddy, Polavaram Chief Engineer Sudhakar Babu, and others were present.

“Currently, there is a flood at the diaphragm wall. Once the flood is removed there, it will be known whether the diaphragm wall is damaged. If there is no damage then there will be no problem. Accordingly, the ECRF construction can be continued,” the ministry opined.

“We will meet again on the 15th of this month. Remove the flood at the diaphragm wall by then and know the actual situation,” they instructed.

With this, the state authorities retreated with disappointment. But then, the state government appears like missed the basics in a hurry to corner Chandrababu Naidu on this issue.