Jagan Mark Governance: YCP Social Media Wing Gone Nuts?For the first time after Bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh had announced Power Holidays for industries for two days a week. From being a Power surplus state to this is a shameful feat for Jagan Government.

Ideally, any Government or ruling party would not want to talk about it and wants it to go out from public memory as soon as possible.

But then, YSR Congress has made a nice creative of the ‘Power Holiday’ and posted it on its official social media account as if it is an achievement.

The Creative even had the pictures of YSR and Jagan in the top right corner.

Interestingly, they have added the hashtag #YSJaganMarkGovernance for the post.

Even the party supporters are bewildered about what the party’s social media wing is doing.

Some suspect if they believe Holidays for Industries is some achievement or some Jagananna Deevena kind of scheme for the industries.

Meanwhile, the industries in Andhra Pradesh are so disappointed with this decision. “Already we are facing a lot of problems. As if that is not enough, this unannounced power Holiday will break our backs, the industries are worried.

Already the state is no longer the choice of investors. Such policies will even drive away the existing ones.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Mark Governance