Jagan Levies 1,400 Crore New Burden On PeopleAndhra Pradesh government seems to be desperately in need of money and is trying to squeeze as much as possible from the people.

We have seen the government is on a Taxes increasing spree for the last few months.

Now, the government has also increased the power tariffs.

The hike did not even spare the customers of lower strata. The increase is in place right from 30 units slab, the poor use.

The hike is from 45 paise per unit to 9.75 Rupees per unit based on the units consumed. This hike will increase the power bills drastically.

Jagan repeatedly promised about lowering power charges when he is in the Opposition. But then, the power tariffs have increased every year after he came to power in one name or the other.

This hike would burden the people to the extent of 1,400 Crores.

Meanwhile, the Petrol price in Andhra Pradesh is almost 117 Rupees per liter, the highest in the country thanks to the high state taxes.