Jagan Is The CM Only After Given BailAfter suspending the Opposition from the assembly, the Andhra Pradesh assembly took up a discussion about the overreach of the judiciary in the high court.

The Chief Minister and the other members went on to comment that the state high court has exceeded its limits in the Amaravati case.

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Since the courts do not have jurisdiction over proceedings of the house. YSR Congress has taken advantage of that and conducted the discussion in the house.

Former minister Nakka Anandbabu has criticized AP CM Jagan for trying to undermine the supremacy of the judiciary right in the assembly

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He said the comments by the Chief Minister and the ministers were nothing but an insult to the judiciary and the constitution. Anand Babu spoke to the media at the party office in Guntur.

It is painful to see Jagan speak in derision of court judgments. “It is nothing but an insult to the constitution written by Ambedkar. You are making indecent remarks on the courts for pointing out mistakes,” the minister said.

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Anand Babu also went on to say that Jagan should remember that he is the Chief Minister now only because the courts have granted him bail.