YS_Jagan_Mohan_Reddy_NavaratnaluProhibition is one of the nine promises made by Jagan before the elections. Later, the Chief Minister announced that it will not be possible to implement prohibition in phases and so, it will be implemented in phases and liquor will be available only in Five-star hotels by 2024.

“We will not ask for votes without doing that,” Jagan made tall claims.

It looks like that promise is forgotten. The government has announced the new bar policy which will be in effect until 2025 August.

The government is promising that all the existing bars will remain in force until then. This is an indirect admission that there will be no prohibition at least until August 2025.

That means not before the 2024 elections. All the existing 840 bars will continue until August 2025.

The government is expecting huge revenue through license fees and liquor sales and so had dropped the Prohibition promise.

Prohibition is the biggest Ratnam among the Navaratnalu of Jagan Mohan Reddy. So, that is now dropped and it has to be seen what he will say in defense when he goes to the public for votes.