Jagan, Antha Dammundha?Telangana IT Minister KTR’s comments the other day has caught YSR Congress leaders off the back foot. They have struggled to attack KTR and without that defense has become difficult.

While Netas feared problems for their properties in Hyderabad, supporters also struggled due to the gratitude for the help received during 2019.

Some have mustered the courage but fell flat. They have abused KTR and even challenged him.

“Just imagine your plight if YSR Congress gets back to Telangana or imagine if Jagan throws his weight behind Sharmila,” they warned KTR.

But these threats are more like a joke. We have seen what happened to YSR Congress in 2014 elections. It fared poorer than TDP in that election which was its last in Telangana.

These threats came at the time when even someone like Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy was afraid to comment about KTR.

It’s better they ignore like the Comments never happened and stay mum.

Meanwhile, seeing all these thigh slaps, TRS supporters mock YSR Congress supporters saying ‘Jagan, Antha Dammundha?’.