Jagan Already Started Preparation For Pawan Kalyan?We all know the drama that has happened for giving the special rates for Radhe Shyam in Andhra Pradesh. In the end, a hike of 25 Rupees is given to the movie at the last minute.

As a result, the advance bookings in Andhra Pradesh opened only last night. The Government has informed the media that they have ascertained that the budget of Radhe Shayam is 175 Crore after checking the GST Bills and other invoices.

This has come as a surprise because the budget of Radhe Shyam is already obvious and the producers at UV Creations are close to Jagan but still, this Hungama happened.

“Probably, the government wants to prove itself as strict and going by the rule book. This is a preparation for the release of the next Pawan Kalyan film. If such scrutiny is done, Pawan Kalyan films will never get the special rates,” trade experts say.

The Government gives special rates to films that are over 100 Crore budget without remunerations and also, 20% of the movies have to be shot in AP.

Pawan Kalyan‘s films are at best 100 Crore budget films with the star’s remuneration being 50-60 Crore in it.