Jagan Media: The Art of Twisting New Stories

YS Jagan Media The Art of Twisting New StoriesJagan Mohan Reddy’s Sakshi and supporting media seems to have mastered the art of twisting News Stories. Particularly if they against Chandrababu Naidu and TDP government. One more example of this right here. Venkaiah Naidu in an interview went on to say that the Center and himself is behind Chandrababu Naidu.

If not for them, he would have struggled a lot.Obviously, Venkaiah Naidu was referring to Center’s help to the state after the bifurcation. But then Jagan media had twisted that to their convenience. They are reading into the help as Center’s help to save Naidu for the Cash for Vote case.

This is a part of Sakshi and YSR Congress’ mission to convince people that Chandrababu compromised with Telangana government and the central government due to the Cash for Vote case. But the truth is that even legal experts say that Chandrababu can not pinned down in the case.

But then Jagan wants this as a weapon against Chandrababu. And to make it a point, is twisting all possible stories in that direction. But then Jagan should possible choose some serious stories to drive the point home instead of hovering over simple stories which will defeat the actual purpose.

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