YS-Jagan-Makes-Atrocious-Personal-Remarks-on-Pawan-Kalyan-AgainA couple of months ago, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy made Personal Comments against Janasena President Pawan Kalyan on his Multiple Marriages. Those comments have created a huge controversy and even Political Experts found fault with Jagan going personal. There was a survey saying that such comments have affected YSR Congress’ Prospects in Kapu Community.

But then, Jagan made another reference to Pawan Kalyan’s Personal Life once again. “Marriage System is very sacred but this man made it impure by going for four marriages. He romanced with Chandrababu for four and half years and is a part of every lie and scam of Chandrababu and is trying to act like a saint now,” Jagan alleged.

“Six Months before the elections, he is acting as if he parted ways with Chandrababu and is diving anti-Government Vote. He is acting in Chandrababu’s Direction and Script while Lingamaneni is producing the film. His film is less on content and more on intervals taking payments from Chandrababu,” Jagan said.

“Jagan has fought relentlessly on Chandrababu and I am everywhere when there is a problem in this four and half years. This man is a partner of crime is now making allegations on me. He speaks less of that and makes allegations on Jagan. Did you see when you call Jagan as Corrupt? How did you got 5 Crore land for just 20 Lakhs? Are you not corrupt? How did your Agnyaathavaasi get so many exemptions from the State Government?,” Jagan angrily said in a public meeting at Rajam. Pawan Kalyan has been severely criticizing Jagan for the last few days and this seems to be a strong retaliation by Jagan.