ys jagan attempts on oppositionLate YS Rajasekhar Reddy was one of the most vibrant Leaders of Opposition Telugu people have ever witnessed. Opposite a strong TDP government, YSR led several anti-Government agitations and brought back Congress to power which is almost reduced to Zero earlier. But YSR’s son, Jagan Mohan Reddy seem to be a different material totally.

Even before completing six months in opposition, Jagan has made two attempts to attack the ruling party and failed in both of them. YS Jagan now seem to be totally in fear of failure and is not even attempting to put the government in a fix regarding the capital issue. While YSR Congress setup a committee to go to the land losing farmers, YS Jagan will not be going along with the party members.

The committee will be touring the villages in first phase land pooling from Friday but Jagan will be going to a 3 day tour to his Kadapa district at the same time. Jagan will take this issue as a trial and error method. If YSRCP committee is received well by the people, Jagan will go to the people otherwise will remain silent. Hardcore YSR fans are disappointed with Jagan. They say the daredevil attitude got YSR to heights but Jagan is totally different.