YS Jagan family issues!
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy what he is today is due to the sentiment created by his father YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s untimely death. The young leader ran in to series of issues due to corruption issues and even went to jail for more than an year. It was next to impossible for a recently established regional party to survive with its President behind the bars. But Jagan’s mother, Vijayamma, sister Sharmila and uncle YV Subba Reddy managed it well. While YV Subba Reddy took care of the party internal issues, Vijayamma and Sharmila took care of the party affairs like Padayatra, Deekshas etc…

Finally, Jagan got released and every one vanished in to thin air. Vijayamma and Sharmila were seen no where. And YV Subba Reddy is skipping YSRCP office. We heard that he is expecting Ongole MP seat but Jagan is not committing to it. There are allegations on Jagan that he is just using every one including his family but is not giving them due respect. Sending out Konda Couple from party is also aiding to this allegations. Time for Jagan to sort out all this or else credibility issues will arise.

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