Jagan Dragging it Too Far Unnecessarily?

ys-jagan-dragging-it-too-far-unnecessarilyAs elections are nearing, YSR Congress is continuing to admit film stars into the party. Anchor Shymala, Jeevitha, Rajasekhar, and Hema have joined the party this morning. These small and good for nothing joinings into the party directly in the presence of Jagan himself is belittling the party.

Rajasekhar and Jeevitha were earlier in YSR Congress and made shocking comments on Jagan. They said how he could not stand Rajasekhar getting a response in the public and how he wanted him not to wear jeans and sunglasses etc. They also made some severe comments on Jagan’s Personality and Behaviour.

Admitting them into the party did not even go well with the fans. Hema contested from Mandapeta in 2014 elections on Jai Samayikhyandhra Party. Out of the Two Lakh Votes in the constituency, Hema merely got 400 Votes. Jagan dedicating time for her and inviting into the party is too much.

Jagan is trying to create a perception of things happening in YSR Congress with these joinings. But these actors are smalltime and can not influence the voters. Jagan should have asked them to join the party in the presence of some other senior leaders. Admitting all of them in his presence will not improve YSR Congress’ Stature.

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