YS Bharathi Attempted Suicide Twice: JS LeaderYSR Congress and Janasena politics are all about Pawan Kalyan’s three marriages these days. For every question of Pawan Kalyan and Janasena, the answers are only about marriages and divorces.

Janasena Senior Leader Bolisetty Satya in a TV debate made a scathing attack on Jagan Mohan Reddy on this issue.

“Whenever we question the Government, they talk of Three marriages. It is the issue between husband and wife which they will sort out and they sorted too in the courts. When we talk about marriages, we should also talk of other things on my phone,” he said.

“How many marriages Raja Reddy did? Why there are more than 30 bed rooms in Jagan’s palace? Why did Bharathamma tried to commit suicide twice?,” Bolisetty Satya added.

Satya kept on attacking YSR Congress but the Ruling Party’s Panelist started attacking in their own style ensuring that the audience do not understand what he is saying or what Satya is saying.