YS Avinash ReddyA few days back, YS Avinash Reddy, the alleged perpetrator in the YS Viveka murder case skipped the CBI investigation, saying he can’t be informed at such short notice and can’t change his schedule.

Incidentally, Avinash was asked to take part in the CBI investigation today and just as the stage looked set for the same, he skipped the investigation again with a new story.

Avinash claimed that his mother had suffered a heart attack suddenly and he is having to leave to Pulivendula for the same. He already left Hyderabad’s and is on his way to Pulivendula as he skipped the investigation again today.

The primary argument of the CBI has been that Avinash is evading investigation and might influence the witnesses while he freely roams. The same is to be understood now that Avinash has been skipping investigation multiple times.

Another interesting incident that happened today is that Avinash’s convoy and his men attacked a ABN media van that was following him today as he skipped CBI investigation and was on his way to Pulivendula. The van got damaged due to the same.