YS_Jagan_YS_Avinash_ReddyAvinash Reddy once again tried to evade the CBI investigation today. At the last minute, he informed the CBI sleuths his mother is down with high BP and he has to take care of her.

CBI refused to buy these stories anymore and there are media reports that the CBI team is chasing Avinash Reddy‘s convoy and an arrest may be imminent because of non-cooperation in the investigation.

Earlier the Supreme Court also did not grant any relief to Avinash.

It looks like Avinash and the YSR Congress ecosystem have concluded that he will be arrested.

They brought up the topic of the mother’s high BP and cardiac arrest so as to derive some sympathy.

They are trying to portray CBI as troubling Avinash despite his mother being unwell. YSR Congress social media teams and I-PAC cells are already busy with the propaganda.

The script is the same as Jagan’s script in 2011-12. ‘Papam Thandri leni Bidda ni ibbandi Peduthunnaru’ is that line.

But then, all the evidence, in this case, is against Avinash. The victim is their own family member. In all probability, these attempts will backfire.

Also this trials to evade the investigation will complicate his case further when he approached the court for bail after the arrest.