YouTube_LikesIt is a time when just about everyone uses YouTube and watches videos day in and day out. There is a wide range of content from entertainment to management to talks by gurus… just about everything is covered and people are hooked to the channel.

But this has become a nightmare for some. Recently, a person from Gurugram identified as Simranjeet Singh Nanda lost Rs 8.5 lakh to a new scam. On day one, he received a message on his Whatsapp saying he will be paid Rs 50 for every like for the video forwarded to him.

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Lured by the money on offer, Nanda was excited when he got a call from a woman who said he needed to transfer a certain amount for maintenance. Without doubting the intention of the caller, Nanda did as followed only to realize that within a few hours, Rs 8.5 lakh was withdrawn from his account without his knowledge. He immediately approached the local police who are investigating.

However, scarier than the above scam is the spread of malware through AI-generated videos. People are being lured to download YouTube videos like photoshop, premium pro, Autodesk, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, etc.

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Once the person clicks the link to get the video, malware is downloaded into the system that steals the personal and financial information of the person.

The police have asked people to be careful of such latest scams.

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