YouTube Anchor To Complain About Ambati RambabuAndhra Pradesh political landscape is getting worse by the day with YCP and TDP resorting to highly offensive personal attacks. Here’s one such instance involving YCP’s Ambati Rambabu and TDP’s Ayyanna Patrudu.

“This Kambabu(Rambabu) is a lowlife who asks female interviewer for physical favours. Such is his integrity,” Ayyanna Patrudu tweeted.

“This Bald man(Ayyanna) is born to be a lowlife. We can’t expect anything more from him” Ambati tweeted.

Ayyanna had tweeted that he will reveal more about Ambati’s physical favours and he added he will share video to prove the same.

This low level verbal exchange between the two individuals who represent two prominent parties in Andhra Pradesh is as downgraded as it can get.