your-aadhar-card-may-help-black-money-without-your-permissionIf you have ever submitted your Identification Cards for buying Sim Cards or Booking Train Tickets, You may have already exhausted the limits for the exchange of Old Notes. Brokers are in full swing to large numbers of Aadhaar card photocopies from places where photocopies of the card have to be presented in order to receive services.

They are being submitted to banks as proof of identity which is required when one exchanges old currency notes for new. Each Identification Card Photocopy will be given 10 Rupees and the target is the staff at places which have the largest database of the ID cards.

These Photocopies are given to people who they pay to stand in queues at banks to exchange the currency. At some places, fake photocopies are also being made and with the mad rush at the banks, nobody is checking or verifying whether the photocopy submitted is genuine or fake.