2000 Rupees Notes Hidden GPS Nano Chip RumoursHave you got the new Rs. 2000 note in your pocket? beware! you are tracked. All right, Jokes apart. There is always a gossip going around in social media. You get a news and there goes a rumor. It is fun though. The popular messenger WhatsApp is carrying this word across that Rs. 2000 note has a GPS nano Chip embedded in it and it is meant to track an individual carrying it or to track the places the note travels.

Some texts say that this chip was installed in the notes as a strategy to demolish black money. The text also briefed how the black money can be eradicated by this. It goes like this: As the chip can trace out the number of notes present at a place, if a large amount of money (possibly black money) is stored at a palace for longer, the satellite receives whereabouts of that money from the so-called Chip and sends signals to concerned team and further the black money would be caught.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was amazed when asked about the Nano chip in 2000 notes. Jaitley invalidated these rumors. “From where did you come to know this? I have never heard of this” he says.