Kota Srinivas Rao Controversial Comments On Young Heroes Beard Look“Gone are those days when heroes used to be smart, tall, fair-skinned and looked macho like actor Suman. Now, the actors’ looks don’t matter and they can be like anything,” these were senior actor Kota Srinivas Rao‘s comments on the present crop of young heroes.

In the olden days, heroes used to grow beards for two or three months when they had to shoot for a jail sequence. Now, every young hero thinks he must grow beards as handsomeness isn’t taken into consideration at all. This is the opinion of Kota on present day heroes.

Recently, Kota has been voicing his discontent with the present filmmakers and actors in many of his recent interviews and media interactions. The latest one on the looks of young heroes came during the book launch event of revolutionary filmmaker late T Krishna ‘Vendithera Arunakiranam’.

Kota’s comments were received with claps and laughs when he said, “I saw a recent media interaction in which four to five were talking for their films’ promotions. I could hear their voices but couldn’t make out who was speaking as all of them were sporting beards”. Kota also mentioned Rajasekhar’s ‘Gaddam gang’ where the actor’s face is mostly hidden behind his beard.