Tarikjot Singh ConfessedTarikjot Singh, a 22-year-old Indian origin man, has confessed to intentionally killing his ex-girlfriend in 2021. He further stated that he buried her in a shallow grave in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges.

According to local media, Tarikjot Singh was charged with killing Indian nursing student Jasmeen Kaur, 21. She happened to be his ex-girlfriend and was kidnapped in March 2021. Though he had earlier entered a not-guilty plea, Singh later admitted to the crime.

Tarikjot Singh is said to have stalked the woman for weeks, and on the evening of March 5, 2021, she disappeared. Her immediate family filed a missing complaint the next morning. Kaur’s body was found about 450 km away in a little burial in Flinders Ranges.

The family is happy that Jasmeen will finally get some justice, though she will not return. In South Australia, the sentence for murder is 20 years.

On the day of her disappearance, Kaur finished her shift at 10 pm at Southern Cross Homes in North Plympton when she was taken ‘by force’ by a male, according to police.

Kaur was originally from India and was living with her aunt and uncle in Adelaide while working as an aged care assistant, and she was going to school to become a nurse.