Yeddyurappa Resigns As BJP Bound To Lose Floor TestBS Yeddyurappa goes down the record books as the Chief Minister of Karnataka for the Shortest Stint of Three Days. As the Assembly sat to take a Floor Test, BJP struggled to find the eight MLAs short of the Simple Majority.

After trying all means, BJP at the end only got itself into a mess after at least four audio tapes have surfaced in which BJP big heads including CM Yeddyurappa are seen bargaining with the Congress MLAs to vote for the Saffron Party.

As the tapes surfaced, two Congress MLAs who have gone to BJP earlier have come back to Congress Benches in the Assembly. With nowhere to go, Yeddyurappa made a sentimental speech in the house and even broke into tears before announcing the resignation.

So, the Floor Test did not even become necessary. Now HD Kumaraswamy may be given a chance and he will have to take another Floor Test in the next few days. BJP will try to pull him down and enforce President’s Rule.