Devineni_AvinashCM Jagan Mohan Reddy recently announced Devineni Avinash as the candidate for Vijayawada East.

Avinash is conducting the Gadapa Gadapaku program in the constituency.

The other day, a woman of Rani Gaari Thota questioned him about the problems in their area.

Ramiza’s family previously supported Avinash when he contested in Corporation elections on a TDP ticket. She also questioned for removal of pensions in their house despite supporting Avinash.

A day after, YSR Congress workers attacked the woman, Ramiza, and her house.

They smashed the items in her house and also pelted stones.

A few women party workers bought Red chilly powder from a local store and tried to throw it on the people who attempted to obstruct them.

Locals claim that police took Ramiza to the station leaving those who attacked her house.

The affected also submitted videos of the attack but still police did not take any action, they say.