YCP Trying To Save MLC In Dalit Murder Case!YSRCP MLC Anantha Babu was all over the news a few weeks ago in connection with his driver’s murder case. Now, a new twist in the tale has presented itself.

The parents of the deceased, Subrahmanyam have filed a case in the High Court, saying the police are trying to save Ananta Babu and aren’t transparent in any which way.

The petition filed by the parents asks the High Court to transfer the case to the CBI for further investigation.

The court has passed related order to the additional solicitoral general regarding the plea. Related orders were also passed to the Center, DGP, and SP.

The next hearing will be taking place in two weeks from now and more details about the case will be out then.

Now, netizens are commenting that it is evident that the YCP government is shamelessly trying to save their party MLC in Dalit murder case. It remains to be seen how the party representatives will handle this delicate situation.