Jupudi PrabhakarThe YSRCP and its leaders are often ridiculed and are under the pump for their strange replies when asked about the lack of investments in the state. They are often abusive about it. But this time around, a YCP senior has given an unexpected and comical reason.

YSRCP senior leader Jupudi Prabhakar interacted with a commoner on a recent TV debate. He was asked why AP IT Minister, Amarnath is nowhere near KTR, who is working round the clock for the improvement of the IT sector in the state. The commoner also asked why Jagan needs 75 advisors while all he does is click a button.

Jupudi replied, “Unlike Telangana, our state Andhra Pradesh doesn’t have as much space. The only place in AP suitable for IT sector is Vizag and there’s nowhere else. There’s a shortage of land and suitable space for IT and pharma companies”. This strange explanation is resulting in wild trolls on social media as netizens are ridiculing the logic.

Jupudi added that KTR might have a free hand in Telangana and he can do whatever’s needed to attract investments, but in AP things are different. He said Amarnath operates differently. This comment is also drawing flak.

About the advisors, Jupudi said they are all needed to keep the government running as Jagan needs technical backing to implement his scenes and a long line of advisors is used for the same.