YCP MLC PA Arrested In Murder Case?YSR Congress MLC Iqbal’s Private PA Gopikrishna has been arrested by Police in connection with Former YSR Congress Hindupur Incharge Rama Krishna Reddy.

Rama Krishna Reddy’s mother named the PA as suspect in the case. He is added as A5 in the case. It’s been ten days since the murder but Gopikrishna is not arrested.

The others were arrested in the case. The relatives of those arrested have leaked some phone conversations of the main accused.

Their intention is that those who have prompted the murder are escaping and the others are made scapegoats.

They are saying that there are other call recordings as well and the real culprits will be caught only if the call data of all the accused will be examined by the Police.

The audio leaks have put pressure on the Police and they had to arrest the MLC’s PA finally.