YCP MLAs Need Better Acting ClassesYSR Congress tried to rake sentiment in Uttarandhra people using Vishaka sentiment.

Chodavaram MLA Karanam Dharmasri had submitted a resignation letter not in speaker format and that too, not to the Speaker.

Later Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao kicked off another sentiment drama offering to step down as minister but immediately said Jagan rejected it.

There are very few takers from the public and also, other YSRCP lawmakers. Usually, such emotional resignation dramas will trigger mass resignations (true or fake).

The same happened during the Telangana agitation and Samayikya Andhra movement. But nothing of such sort happened now.

We did not even see any public coming on roads in support of Dharmasri or Dharmana.

That means YSR Congress leaders did not come up with a convincing performance to impress the people. Forget the public, we hardly saw any response even from the YCP MLAs of Uttarandhra.

It may be also an indication that the people of Uttarandhra are not interested in the fake promises of capital.