YCP MLA Gets Angry For People Saying Complaints!YSR Congress MLAs are facing the ire of the public wherever they go as part of the Gadapa Gadapaku program. Some of the MLAs are even storming on the public if they complained about anything.

Problems welcomed MLA Vasantha Krishnaprasad in Mylavaram. The people of Narayana Nagar have put forward their problems together with the MLA in Gadapa Gadapaku program.

A man named Syed Seelar angrily complained that some leaders got his house canceled.

“I have three sons and got the house after applying twice. But local leaders ensured that it is lost,” he said.

A mother and son said that they have been facing difficulties for years due to the poor road.

They also complained that the panchayat water is not coming, and they are doing all kinds of things to get water.

But MLA Vasantha got angry with those who raises problems. The MLA bypassed the answer by saying, “You should speak only when I speak. Are you getting schemes or not?”

The MLA left the place taking the photographer. The women fired the MLA for not attending to their questions.