MLA Nawaz BashaYCP MLAs are having a very tough time in complying with Jagan’s Gadapa Gadapaku program. They are being met with public backlash and uproar almost everywhere. Here’s one such instance.

YCP Madanapalle MLA, Nawaz Basha went on Gadapa Gadapaku visit last night where he was greeted by a local named Lakshminarayana. The local man and the MLA had a good chitchat for some time.

The MLA was then requested to lay a road in the area, to which he replied he would see that a road is laid on the existing one. Then Lakshminarayana requestingly asked the MLA to scrap the now-present road and lay a new one as otherwise, the height of the road will increase drastically and his house could get waterlogged in case of a rain.

This enraged the MLA and he reportedly started bashing the commoner. And on top of that, Lashminarayana was taken to the police station. Concerned neighbors then went to the police station and demanded the release of Lakshminarayana who did nothing wrong.

The MLA then came under severe pressure and he eventually budged. He then had to pacify the locals and ask the police to release Lakshminarayana as he realized the situation was slipping out of hand.