YCP Minister Warns Telugu Industry Heroes To Speak!YSR Congress has conducted Seema Gharjana in Kurnool in support of the High Court in Kurnool. YCP Minister Gummanur Jayaram has warned Telugu film industry heroes to speak.

“Rayalaseema is still in poverty even after so many governments changed. Only Jagananna changed our fate by announcing Judicial capital to Kurnool. I am appealing to Tollywood heroes to support us,” he said.

“You are shooting your films here. You are earning 1000s of Crores due to us. You should all unite and demand High Court to our Rayalaseema. You kept our Rayalaseema name and took 1000s of Crores from our Kurnool district,” he added.

“I am warning all of you. You should all support our demand. Three capitals and Kurnool as Judicial Capital is only possible with our Jagananna. We should continue our fight until that is attained,” the minister warned the Tollywood heroes.

Obviously, the minister is trying to hit Janasena President Pawan Kalyan below the belt.

Tollywood film fans are reacting sharply to this. “Gummanur Jayaram’s family members recently registered 180 acres of land in a single day. Who said Rayalaseema is poor? At least the ministers and MLAs here are not poor,” they ridicule.