Bogus Votes PanchayatEenadu had published an interesting item about a YSRCP leader registering 238 bogus votes in Dopperla Panchayat in Achutapuram Mandal in Visakhapatnam District.

A YSRCP leader, together with revenue officials, added 238 bogus votes to the voters’ list. Panchayat elections were also held with the same voter list.

In that election, the relative of the leader who registered bogus votes won.

The leaders of the same village exposed this ‘bogus’ affair due to internal differences.

A total of 1,265 votes were present in Dopperla village. Locals claim that one-fifth of this is bogus.

Before the panchayat elections, the local YSRCP leader along with revenue and booth level officials registered bogus votes.

In the voter list, 37 voters have this leader’s name entered in the ‘father’ or ‘others’ column.

For another 10 voters, the name of a local volunteer’s husband was included as a ‘guardian’.

The villagers found that 191 people from Visakha GVMC and surrounding villages were named as the voters of the village.

People with different family names are included in the voter list under the same house number.

The leader’s brother, who registered 238 bogus votes in various ways, won the last panchayat election with a majority of 126 votes.

In this panchayat election, two factions from YSR Congress contested.

It is noteworthy that it was the losing party revealed leaked the details of these bogus votes.

Bogus Votes Panchayat

Bogus Votes Panchayat