Mekathoti-SucharitaFormer Minister Mekathoti Sucharita inaugurated Grama Sachivaayam buildings in Nadipalem of Prathipadu Mandal, Guntur district. The former Minister met with a backlash from the own party leader itself.

“It’s been three years since you are in power. When will you lay our road?,” questioned YSR Congress leader Sambaiah.

“We have worked for the party and your victory. Now people are abusing us. We have to close our years while going into the public,” he angrily told Sucharitha.

Sambaiah did not get convinced even though Sucharitha said the funds are sanctioned and the works will begin soon.

Some other leaders have interfered and took away Sambaiah from there. Own party leader questioning the MLA of the same party reflects the public mood in Andhra Pradesh