YCP Leader Abuses People in Infront Of The MLAYSRCP social media activist Shivaji created Hulchul at the people who asked Kadiri MLA Siddareddy to solve their problems during the Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam program organized in Kuramamidi village of Gandlapenta Mandal on Saturday.

“You are not allowed to ask about the problems. Move aside,” he fired on people and also insulted them with vulgar language.

The villagers asked him why he was getting into an argument over asking to solve the problems, Shivaji argued with the villagers using vulgar language.

All this happened in front of MLA. Even though Shivaji was abusing the people but the MLA did not care at all. The villagers expressed their anger that the MLA left without listening to the problems.

The MLA just asked some people if they are getting all the welfare schemes and left the place even without listening to them.

YCP internal surveys paint a grim picture of Siddareddy’s performance. He is likely to be changed in the coming elections, party sources say.