YCP Is B-Team Of BJP: TS MinisterThe war of words between YCP and TRS politicians is reaching a new peak with every passing day. The likes of Harish Rao, Gudivada Amarnath, Botcha Satyanarayana, and now Gangula Kamalakar have joined in this verbal exchange.

Previously, YCP’s Sajjala RamaKrishna Reddy said TRS leaders and Harish Rao are trying to provoke YCP cadre and their intention is to make the YCP troops sculls KCR.

In response, TRS’s Gangula Kamalakar said YCP is operating as BJP’s B team. He warned the YCP forces of serious consequences if they irk the TRS high command and its party troops.

Gangula said YCP leaders are intentionally crying foul on Telangana and the TRS leaders in the interests of BJP high command.

“The Jagan government has failed in Andhra Pradesh. That’s the reason why many AP people are leaving their state and coming to Hyderabad.” Gangula said.

Until not so long ago, TRS and YCP appeared to be in harmony but that isn’t the case now as the party leaders are waging verbal wars against each other.