YSRCP_Hindupur_Panchayati_Reached_JaganThe Panchayati of Group and Power Politics in Hindupur has reached Chief Minister Jagan. Several Hindupur leaders along with MLC Iqbal met the CM at the Puttaparthi airport on Tuesday.

It is learned that Venugopal Reddy, a former in-charge and key leader of the dissident faction, met the CM to discuss the party situation in Hindupur.

The CM asked Venu if In-charge Iqbal is taking everyone into confidence.

Venugopal Reddy complained to the CM that those who worked hard for the party are being ignored the MLC is acting unilaterally.

The MLC who is also present there complained to the CM that Venugopal Reddy is bringing a local and non-local divide in the party cadre whenever he is not in the constituency.

The CM advised the MLC to go all-inclusive. The CM directed the party district in-charge minister Peddireddy Ramachandrareddy to resolve the party issue in Hindupur.

Earlier, Agros chairman Naveen Nischal, Puttaparthi municipal chairperson Indraja, councilor Maruthi Reddy, lawyer Indad, and others also met the CM at the helipad.

Hindupur is already a stronghold of TDP with the party winning all the elections since its inception. Then, there is a very strong candidate for TDP with Nandamuri Balakrishna.

This in-fighting in YSRCP does not serve its purpose in any way.