YanamalaRamakrishnudu_Yanamala_KrishnuduChandrababu Naidu has taken a decision about Tuni. He had announced Yanamala Ramakrishnudu’s daughter, Divya as the candidate snubbing Yanamala’s brother, Krishnudu who was a TDP candidate in Tuni since 2009.

There are many rumors about Krishnudu leaving the party but Yanamala and Krishnudu met Chandrababu in Undavalli the other day. After the meeting, Krishnudu spoke to the media and assured working for the party’s candidate victory.

But rumors are still on about Krishnudu joining YSR Congress.

They say Jagan is offering him an MLC seat.

Local TDP leaders and cadre say it will be still good for the party if Krishnudu leaves.

“Good or bad Divya is announced as the candidate. The party can not function with two power centers. Moreover, Krishnudu has no good name in the people as well as the cadre. That’s the reason he is losing all the elections. It will be good if he leaves,” they say.

But then, one can not stop wondering why Jagan is making a dead investment. Except for the satisfaction of getting Yanamala’s brother into the party, Krishnudu will bring no value addition.