Yalamanchili: YCP MLA Struggling To Promote Son!UV Ramana Murthy Raju (Kannababu) is the senior-most MLA in the Vishakapatnam district. He first got elected in 2004 on Congress symbol but did not contest in 2014

He once again won in the 2019 elections on a YSR Congress ticket. Irrespective of the results, he has a good hold on the constituency thanks to his political experience of over two decades.

But then, there are rumors that Jagan may not give him the ticket in 2024 considering age and other reasons. The MLA is trying to push his son, former DCCB Chairman Sukumar Varma as his heir.

Sukumar Varma has become a pseudo MLA participating in the party and government programs.

But the second-rung leaders in the party are working against the MLA. They are complaining to district Ministers Amarnath and Muthyala Naidu about the MLA.

An MPTC directly wrote a letter to CM Jagan complaining about the MLA.

The MLA suspects a close aide of a minister behind the conspiracy against him.

The close aide is said to be expecting the ticket from Yalamanchili. The party high command is maintaining silence on this issue for now.