Wrong Parking in Hyderabad may put you behind the bars!Hyderabad and Cyberabad Police have intensified punishments for traffic offences in the city. We have already seen the announcement of charge sheets in the case of License less driving and not using helmet. Now the Police are mulling over the introduction of new rule which may put vehicle drivers behind the bars.

Those who are parking their vehicles in ‘No Parking’ areas will be fined twice. If the offence is repeated for the third time, then the Police will file chargesheet and the court may send the offender to jail. However this rule if materialized, can bring lot of bad name for the state government.

Hyderabad do not have proper facilities for parking. With out providing proper parking spaces, the government can not impose such harsh rules on the people. It is said that Hyderabad and Cyberabad Police impose two Lakh Challans for wrong parking every month and that shows the intensity of the problem.