Wrong During Naidu's Rule Becomes Right Now?During Chandrababu Naidu‘s rule,then Government allotted housing sites in Amaravati for the judges of Andhra Pradesh High Court. Back then, YSR Congress unleashed a propaganda saying that it is one of the ways of Chandrababu Naidu influencing the judiciary in his favor.

It is routine for a State Government to do such things but TDP could not counter that properly. There were many such things which added to the bad will of the then Government and finally everything played part in Chandrababu’s downfall.

Times have changed and now, the Jagan Government had decided to gift the High Court judges with Kia Carnival cars. Accordingly, the State Government allotted 31.5 for each car and that amounts to 6.3 Crore for 20 cars. The relevant G.O. is also issued by the Government.

“If Chandrababu managed the judiciary back then? What exactly Jagan is trying to do now?,” TDP supporters foul cry.