Mudragada PadmanabhamMudragada Padmanabham who used to do serious agitations during Chandrababu Naidu’s rule in the name of Kapu Reservations has turned into a film expert now. Mudragada who used to trouble TDP by releasing letters criticizing the then government has changed big time now.

Today, he has written a letter supporting the online ticketing idea of Andhra Pradesh. He also gave ideas about how to control rising costs in Tollywood and how to control the flow of black money. Mudragada claims himself a former film exhibitor and requested CM Jagan to consider his recommendations.

We do not know why Mudragada Padmanabham suddenly lost interest in important issues like Kapu Reservations immediately after the government changed. Mudragada will definitely have his own reasons for the change. But it’s better if he stays silent completely so that he does not make a joke out of himself.

Here is the full text of Mudragada’s letter. People on social media are mocking Mudragada both for the contents of the letter and also for the issue as a whole.

Wow! Mudragada Turns A Film Expert!!