Worst Variant Of Covid Spreading AlarminglyThe Covid pandemic is a fair way away from meeting its end as a new variant which also “the worst variant of Covid till dat” is spreading at an alarming rate.

The new variant, an offshoot of the the infamous Omicron, named BA.5 is spreading at an alarming rate.

BA.5, along with its closely related variant, BA.4 has led to 30% surge in cases globally over the past two weeks.

US federal date identifies that the BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants are accounting to over 80% of the circulating Covid virus in the USA. 67% of the patients are fully vaccinated.

These variants have propelled a surge in China, US, and Europe.

It is reported that Chinese government is considering a complete lockdown in areas where the BA.5 variant is spreading at a rapid pace.

BA.5 is the worst variant of Covid we’ve seen, Eric Topol, a cardiologist and professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research stated.