Eating out in Hyderabad BewareThe annual public laboratory testing report 2015, released by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had let out shocking facts about the poor quality food served in various food joints in the city. The newest state of the country stands at a lowly 22nd place among all the states in terms of the food samples it analysed for adulteration.

Forget about the eradication of poor quality food, the Food Safety inspectors in the state only tested 312 sample in the approved labs till November 24th this year. Food Safety inspectors in AP are quite better than that of their Telangana counterparts as they analysed as many as 2,788 food samples during the same period.

Smaller states like Tripura, Assam and Bihar’s Food safety officers have got 933, 595 and 1,320 food samples analysed respectively which proves worse system is in place in Telangana and Hyderabad to eradicate the cases of adulteration, misbranding and unsafe food.